Second-Year Application

Volunteer Renewal Application (Second Year)

  • Interested in a second year as a DV? Complete this form by February 16 so that we can discuss your ministry/community interests. Include an updated resume that reflects your current service placement.

    Answer the written response questions in paragraph form (up to one page). Check all boxes that apply.
  • Note on Community/Ministry Placement:

    Please note that remaining in your current ministry/community or changing to a specific ministry/community is also contingent on that ministry/community renewing their request for a volunteer and approving your placement. Interviews with ministry and community sites are still required.
  • Additional Information

    Second-year volunteers receive a stipend of $150/month (before taxes). Some communities will not host second-year volunteers in the “gap weeks” of July between service years; though staff can assist in finding temporary residence. You may be asked to fill out supplementary application materials as needed. In submitting this application I affirm that I have read and understand the policies above and hereby submit my application for renewal as a Dominican Volunteer for the 2018-2019 service year beginning August 2018.
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