Follow your own dreams

Dominican Volunteer Mary Clare Mazzocchi served at Immaculate Conception Academy  Cristo Rey High School in California.
“After my year of service at ICA Cristo Rey in San Francisco, CA, I was fortunate to stay for a second year as a coordinator in the school’s Corporate Work Study Program. I was excited to continue the relationship I had formed with the students as a Dominican Volunteer and to contribute my efforts toward the program that is responsible for much of the school’s unique culture. As an all-girls Cristo Rey school, ICA sends its students to work one day a week in entry-level office jobs in a variety of industries throughout the Bay Area. This funds the student’s school tuition and provides exposure to various possibilities for a future career. I am grateful to have served so many young women as they work toward their own education, pursue their ambitions, and discover their potential.
In the coming year, I will be moving on to pursue a Master of Theological Studies at the University of Notre Dame. I am happy to be following my own aspirations for my education and career, though it was very hard to leave the students and the important work that is being done at ICA. I will always carry with me the memories of my two years at ICA, and what I learned from the students there will undoubtedly shape what I care about and the kind of life I pursue.”