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reference form

We require 3 references to accompany your application. Please direct each reference to complete the form below. References many include professors, college TAs/AIs, work supervisors, volunteer supervisors, campus ministers, pastors, or anyone else who has experience with you in a teaching, supervisory, or mentoring capacity. The depth of their knowledge of you (i.e. their relationship) is more important than their professional title. References should not include co-workers without a supervisory relationship.

The submission may be shared in its entirety with potential communities and placement sites that are applicable to the applicant; we will only disclose personal information on a “need to know” basis. The applicant will not have access to the submission. Should any questions arise, please contact the DVUSA office.

DVUSA Reference Form

  • Please rate the applicant on a scale of 1-5 in these areas

  • Free-form descriptions

  • Describe the applicant's personality. Comment on at least two of the traits above.
  • Assess the applicant's work skills.
  • Assess the applicant's interpersonal skills (especially the ability to live with others).
  • Comment on the applicant's sense of spirituality, if able. This question will not be used to determine acceptance but may be useful to determine community placement.
  • Do you have any reservations, about this applicant? Do you have any questions or comments?
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