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Dominican Volunteers (DVs) enter into the ministry experience with a spirit of openness, an enthusiasm for building relationships and an excitement to learn and grow. DVs make a commitment to serve 40 hours per week for 11 months (mid-August through mid-July. Ministry sites vary widely from teaching, administering social service programs, public policy advocacy, immigrant rights organizing, nursing, and organic farming.

Although service site partnerships can vary slightly from year to year, most volunteers serve in well- established placements in many different areas. We do our best to secure positions and provide diverse opportunities.

All DVUSA ministries are centered on the needs of our brothers and sisters, especially those who are marginalized. Some ministries address needs through systemic change as opposed to direct service. Preference is given to ministries in which Dominican Sisters and Friars (priests and brothers) are already engaged, and for those located in urban areas where public transportation is readily available

A match between volunteer and ministry site is made based upon the preferences and experience of the individual as well as the needs of the organization. It is the goal of DVUSA to place volunteers in ministry settings where their skills and experience will be well utilized and where he or she will be able to learn and grow.


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