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interview process

1. interview with DVUSA to determine acceptance into the program
2. interview with one or more ministry sites
3. interview with the Dominican community

DVUSA interview

The priority applicants who sent their applications by the March 1st deadline will be contacted immediately upon submission of entire application to schedule an in-person, phone or online video interview. Those who apply after the March 1st deadline will be contacted after the priority applicants’ interviews have been scheduled.

The interview will be with one of the Co-Directors and will last approximately 90 minutes. You will have an opportunity at this time to give input on specific ministry sites or areas of special interest.  Usually within two weeks, you will be notified whether you have been accepted into the program.

Once accepted, you will receive:
-an e-invitation to serve with DVUSA
-a referral for up to 3 ministry sites and Dominican communities
-a .pdf copy of the Program Manual.

you’re accepted, now what?

As part of this process, we expect you to utilize the DVUSA website and other resources to learn more about the ministry sites and Dominican communities. Pray over the possibilities and discuss this opportunity with family and friends. Pray for the gift of flexibility and openness to serve where you are most needed.

IMPORTANT: A final match is the result of a mutual decision between you, the ministry site, the Dominican community and DVUSA. It is conditional based on the results of a background check and health report.  An invitation to join DVUSA does not guarantee a final placement.

ministry interview

Within five days of receiving your invitation to join DVUSA, you will be contacted by ministry site supervisors to schedule an interview. Most applicants are referred to up to three ministry sites. It is recommended that you interview with all of the ministries.

In-person meetings are encouraged when possible, however phone and video interviews are very common. This interview is a professional interview and you may be one of two or three candidates. Preparation is important.

Notify the DVUSA staff when you have completed your interviews. The staff will contact the ministry site supervisors for their feedback. DVUSA will then contact you for your feedback and discuss your ministry site preferences. This is a fluid process. Your input is highly valued and respected.

community interview

After determining a match with a ministry site, you will be referred to a Dominican Sister or Friar contact per-son in the potential Dominican community. You will have a conversation with the contact person (and possibly the whole community) to help you learn about living arrangements, schedules and expectations. This also gives the community a chance to learn about you. If possible, we encourage you to visit the community for an evening or overnight. After the interview/visit is complete, contact the DVUSA staff with your feedback. The community contact person will do the same.


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