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What makes DVUSA unique is our connection to Dominican Family. DVs live in intentional, intergenerational Dominican communities. The Dominican Volunteer lives with one or more volunteers in community with two or more Dominican Sisters or Friars.

The Dominican Sisters and Friars offer mentorship and share the wisdom of their years in ministry. Communities live simply, pray together, share cooking and other household duties, attend lectures, see movies, and discuss current events. There is also time to discover the new city, get together with friends and invite guests to visit for the weekend.

In community, the members make time to support and encourage growth in each other as well as hold each other accountable. Community living in this model is not easy, yet it is very rewarding. DVs as well as the Sisters and Friars are challenged to grow in their understanding across generations, vocations, and cultures.

Volunteers live in Dominican communities around the United States. Communities are near the ministry sites across the country which have included the Bronx, Long Island, Newark NJ, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, Redwood City CA, Grand Rapids MI, Racine WI, Salt Lake City, Adrian MI and Bloomington IN.

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