Happy 2019 from Dominican Volunteers USA!

In our latest blog post, our volunteers and staff share some of their goals and resolutions for the coming year.

  1. “I hope to take more time to pause, reflect, and breath: to establish peace of mind. And to reflect on this incredible thing we call life.” Jake Moran, 2018-19 Dominican Volunteer, Chicago Illinois.
  2. “My New Year’s Resolution is to make more art.” Allison Beyer, Co-Director Dominican Volunteers USA.

  3. “My New Year’s Resolution is to take time in nature’s.” David Gayes Communications Coordinator, Dominican Volunteers USA.

  4. “My New Year’s Revolution is to continue to get out of my comfort zone and build stronger connections with not only my community but with the students of ICA Cristo Rey High School.” Rosanna Fiasche, Dominican Volunteer San Francisco California.

  5. “This year, I would like to make writing a part of my life again. My resolution is to begin working on my creative writing projects a little every weekend, either through revision or drafting.” Elizabeth Broussard, Dominican Volunteer, Redwood City California