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being a dominican volunteer

Dominican Volunteers USA is a full-time service experience sponsored by the Order of Preachers, Dominican women and men around the United States. The Dominican Volunteers (DVs) are welcomed into the international Dominican Family that includes Sisters, Nuns, Priests, Brothers, Lay Dominicans, Associates and Dominican Youth.

Dominican Volunteers make an 11 month commitment to serve in ministry and live in a Dominican Community. They have the option to renew their commitment for a second year. Dominican Volunteers preach God’s love through service to others, especially those who are economically poor and marginalized. It is an exciting experience, and very challenging. Being a Dominican Volunteer requires a mission-driven individual with dedication, flexibility, openness to diversity in all forms, and deep compassion.

How exactly do we preach love through service? Every August, DVs are placed in a community with other volunteers and Dominican Sisters or Friars (priests or brothers) for 11 months (second year optional). The program covers basic expenses, which allows a volunteer to be in full time ministry (40 hours/week). Ministries include social services, education, organic farming, community organizing, systemic change, social justice, campus ministry, and more!

For many, the DVUSA experience is the beginning of a lifelong commitment to working for justice and peace. Some volunteers continue as staff at their placements or other similar non-profits. Others go on to graduate school to pursue careers of service (ministry, social work, education, law, medicine, seminary). DVs gain valuable mission and life experience with a strong foundation for whatever they choose to do next.

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