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become a torchbearer

Becoming a Torchbearer allows DVUSA to provide our volunteers with the support they need to change the world. Last year’s Dominican Volunteers completed over 30,000 hours of service. Our DV’s served in five states for 12 different organizations and helped over 2,000 individuals in a wide variety of settings. Their service contributions were valued at over $660,000. This year’s volunteers are on pace to accomplish the same.

In 2019, immigrants and refugees will be able to find employment; people who are homeless will be able to find shelter; people who have experienced domestic violence will receive needed support; people who are elderly and isolated will find companionship and conversation and so much more. And, just as important, college graduates learn to preach God’s word through the service of others. Their work not only impacts the areas they serve but also inspires us to serve and fight injustice.

Torchbearers are a special part of the DVUSA family, sign up today by selecting a recurring donation and ensure the mission of DVUSA continues into the future. 100% of your donation funds the committed volunteers of DVUSA. Your gift gives us hope that our mission of service will remain strong and continue to grow. We cannot thank you enough for your belief in this mission and your support.

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