be of service wherever you are.

be of service wherever you are.

be of service wherever you are.

-St Catherine of Siena

to be a servant of God, every place is the right place and every time is the right time.

to be a servant of God, every place is the right place and every time is the right time.

to be a servant of God, every place is the right place
and every time is the right time.

- St Catherine of Siena

be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire

be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire

be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire

-St Catherine of Siena

Dominican Volunteers USA

Dominican Volunteers USA searches for new frontiers for the faith by inviting men and women to walk with us in mission as volunteers. Through our program, lay men and women to volunteer for a 10-12 month in mission while living in intentional Dominican community. Together, we respond to the needs of our sisters and brothers, especially those who are poor and marginalized. We live out the Dominican mission of proclaiming the gospel through our ministry, common life, prayer and study within a diverse, intergenerational community.

The Four Pillars of our Life

  • ministry-14


    The challenge of loving God and neighbor embraced as a way of life.

  • studyfront


    Study enables us to search out the truth in our times, especially the issues that affect those we serve.

  • prayerfront


    Our lives are nourished by God’s Word as spoken in sacred scripture, celebrated in the Eucharist, and encountered in everyday life.

  • communityopener


    We live together and pray together and share a common vision in the ministry of Preaching the Gospel.

Current Volunteers 2017-2018

Carolina Talavera Romero

Redwood City, CA. Ministry: St. Francis Center. Teaches, Coaches, Tutors, Coordinates Art & Self-Expression.

Jennifer Doering

San Francisco, CA. Ministry: St. James Elementary School. Teaching Assistant, Runs Free-Lunch Program, Supervises Extended Care

Henry Moller

Atlanta, GA.
Ministry: Cristo Rey Atlanta.
Teaches and coaches students grades 9-12.

Gabrielle Smith

San Francisco, CA.
Ministry: Immaculate Conception Academy.
Guidance Counseling, Mentor.

Zachary Moeller

Chicago, IL.
Ministry: Catholic Charities Chicago.
Serves children K-12 and their families in the Refugee Resettlement Program.

Madeleine Paulsen

Chicago, IL.
Ministry: Sarah’s Inn.
Crisis Intervention Advocate.

Julia Butts

Red Wood City, CA. Ministry: St. Francis Center. Teaches Religious Education classes to 4th grade, Tutors the mothers of her students in ESL, Coordinates Advocacy at Siena Youth Center

Niki Klco

Bronx, NY.
Ministry: Siena House.
Assists homeless mothers and their small children

Sarah Pereira

Chicago, IL.
Ministry: Visitation Catholic School.
Teaching Assistant, Tutor, Aftercare.

Viviana Garcia-Blanco

Bronx, NY. Ministry: United Nations. Represents the Dominican Sisters at the United Nations

Life as a Dominican Volunteer

In our most recent blog post, volunteer Kayla Grodzicki gives us a glimpse of her daily life as a DV. Kayla serves as a domestic violence counselor at Sarah’s Inn, a domestic violence shelter in Chicago. This blog post is from her personal blog which ...

Elizabeth Drake

Chicago, IL. Ministry: Catholic Charities Chicago. Serves on the Employment Team in the Refugee Resettlement Program

Diana Hernandez

Red Wood City, CA.
Ministry: St. Francis Center.
Teaching Assistant, Coaches, Tutors, Coordinates Art & Self-Expression

Sydney Boyer

Long Island, NY. Ministry: OPening Word, Teaches ESL and Computer Literacy to adult English Second Language Learners

Stephanie Zavala Guzman

Bronx, NY. Ministry: Siena House.
Assists homeless mothers and their small children.

Kateri Golbiw

San Francisco: CA. Ministry: Immaculate Conception Academy, Campus Minister and Mentor

Sean Puzzo

Long Island, NY.
Ministry: Dominican Youth Movement USA.
Assistant to director, Website and Graphic Designer.


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During this Lenten season, our Dominican volunteers are participating in a Lenten Study Series where they come together weekly to read and discuss important issues in our world today.
The topic for this past week was Peace & Security. In this 2013 article, from then Dominican Volunteer Kati Garrison, Kati challenges us to reflect on how we understand war, both as a society and within ourselves.Read Kati's full article at the following link.

Since her year with DVUSA, and the Dominican Leadership Conference. Kati obtained a Masters in Peace Studies. She has traveled around the world promoting peace and nonviolence.

“Alternately, I think we need to first scrutinize ourselves. If we intend to point a finger at our leaders who sanction war, then perhaps we need to also look at the individuals who permit others to make the decision to go to war on their behalf. I admit, as a U.S. citizen, I have acted in a cowardly manner. I have failed to embrace my obligation as a citizen to participate in the social sphere, to demand that my government divert its resources from war toward development, to speak up and educate policymakers about the alternatives to war, and to urge my country to sign/ratify/enforce the necessary treaties and resolutions to end war.”
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Happy St. Patrick's Day! Surely there is a treasure at the end of this rainbow! Special thanks to Sister Mary O'Connor, RSM, for sharing her photo with us. #HappyStPatricksDay #Irish #Rainbow

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2014-16 Dominican Volunteer Julie Ann Iuliano served at Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly (Chicago Chapter),an organization that provides support and companionship to elders in Chicago. Julie is pictured with one of her elders. For her second year, Julie served at the Siena House, a homeless shelter for teenage mothers in the Bronx New York.

Thank you for your service, Julie!
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