Kaitlyn, who goes by Kay, is a West Virginia University alumna. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Religious Studies and Women's and Gender Studies, minoring in English. She was born and raised outside Youngstown, Ohio, but calls mountainous Morgantown, WV home. Kay identifies as a nomad, a sociologist, and an academic. During her undergraduate degree, she had the opportunity to visit shrines and temples in Japan and lead a panel on Religion and Culture in Syracuse, NY.

DVUSA found its way into her life by happenstance. Her professor (and a former volunteer herself) Dr. Julia Daniel proposed looking into the organization and Kay immediately fell in love... Kay ministers at the Opening Word Literacy Program in Suffolk County, NY. She serves as a Post-Secondary Education Instructor teaching computer literacy and job readiness to recent immigrant women. She shares community with fellow volunteer Angela Chiappone and four Dominican Sisters of Amityville.