Emili Dubar joins Dominican Volunteers USA from Woolwich, ME. She graduated from Albertus Magnus college majoring in Psychology. She is ministering at Visitation Catholic School in Chicago this year. When asked why she chose Dominican Volunteers, she said:

"I applied to DVUSA because I am looking for something more in life. When I was finishing my sophomore year of high school, my favorite English teacher gave my class a piece of advice I will never forget. She told us that every morning when we wake up, we should ask ourselves, ‘How can I be better today than I was yesterday?’ At the end of the year, she was let go because of a lack of funding, but she gave as all cards to remember her by. On the card simply read the phrase: 'Be better.' I think about this advice daily.

I have always struggled with how I can be more useful to other people. I have decided to become an art therapist. I want to help people live the best life they possibly can while expressing my own creativity. However, on this path, I haven’t had many opportunities to do community service– to help people who can’t readily see a therapist or don’t have access to mental health services. I am taking a year before I start my master’s degree and have to jump into the 'real world' to think about my decisions and be productive serving others while I do.”