who are the torchbearers?

Torchbearers believe deeply in an incredibly simple idea: God is love, and we are all God's beloved.

Dominican Volunteers serve to shine the light of God's love to the child unaware of a learning disability, to the man sleeping on a heated ATM bench, or to the woman in an abusive relationship. Torchbearers help volunteers help others by making sure that light NEVER EXTINGUISHES.

Torchbeares are members of DVUSA's sustained monthly giving club. Absolutely 100% of Torchbearer financial support is allocated to the modest living stipends of the volunteers ($125/month + transportation).

Become a Torchbearer today by clicking "DONATE NOW" below! You can set up an automatic monthly credit card charge or bank withdrawal, or you can pay 12 months' pledge at one time (renewal letters sent annually). Opt out any time by contacting the DVUSA office at info@dvusa.org.

Being a Torchbearer reduces paper waste and postage costs for appeals, so we incentivize monthly giving with two special promotions:



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